Living in a world where everyone is facing the same direction focusing on materialistic aspects and an ascension within social status, I found that I was facing the wrong way. This realization was the beginning of this blog, site, web page, outlet for me. It started for me years ago is finally starting to come together in a succinct fashion that I hope to transmit to you with grace.

The name Hippie Taoist came about in an effort to try and tie the way I view my life to that of terms that would explain it to other through the subtleties that are associated with the titles.


While also being associated with the counter culture of the 60’s with drugs, anti-war efforts and free love, also associates itself with an individual who is seeking for the right way to live while still existing within the natural world while still respecting it for what it is. In other words, a naturalist in their view and their involvement with the world. One who is looking to act in accordance with the natural way things exist. Slowly separating themselves from man’s perception and design of the world in exchange for returning a natural means of existing in the world. Less conquering of the world and more cooperating with it and each other.


This title provides the way for one to see the world through natural terms, but also heighten ones spiritual status within ones own body through proper diet, exercise and internal cultivation. Taoism provides an a philosophy of life that can be attributed to a religious sense, but does not have to. It’s a manner to realize one’s place in the world through experiential and subtle means. It gives the seeker a path to walk and guideposts along the way if one chooses to internally cultivate their more subtle energies that connect one with the world and cosmos that they are part of.

So together we have the seeker in the Hippie and The Way through Taoist understanding. While giving guidelines along the way, Taoist accepts things as they are giving the Hippie an aspect of freedom to live their life on their terms. Offering understanding of cause and effect of actions, but allowing the choice to be made by the seeker in acknowledgement of the consequences of their decision prior to embarking on each choice.

Taoism also offers means of correcting situations if the path has been strayed from too far. With no subject being taboo but approached from a practical and curious stand point all aspects of ones life can be delved into with out condemnation or glorification. Things are just as they are and The Way shows us a means of becoming more, but does not demand it from the walker of The Way.

So while this isn’t my first step on my thousand step journey, it is one of progression. Come walk with me and let’s enjoy this journey of life together.