Robert Pirsig – Phaedrus – zen and the art of motor cycle maintenance

How often do we look at our lives as uncreative. Having nothing ourselves to say, always looking for a subtle regurgitation to impress others and ourselves with. Forgetting that we have the power inside us to express ourselves in this world of we’re only find the blockage that results in us not trusting our own thoughts and feelings or how they will be received by the world around us.

We are powerful, creative and full of thoughts that the world would love to hear. It’s great to stand on the thoughts and ideas of others only of it allows us to more concisely put it own thoughts together to share and have others stand on, while creating that own thoughts through those perspective, that in the future we will possibly need to hear. Trust yourself, if not for you, then for those who follow.

This part of the story really say with me. So often in day smart things that are not mine to claim. It’s the aggregation if these ideas that allows me to make sense of the world and creating an me path through my own perspective. Share so others can grow.