As you’ll see in a variety of posts on this site, I deal with a diagnosis called G.A.D. “General Anxiety Disorder”. Which when stated in laymen terms essentially means that I get anxiety from my general surroundings with a variety of triggers. And there is not a medical relief except pills to numb me to the world, which I am not a proponent or fan of, which you will also gather from this site.

So with these two conditions of anxiety and aversion to pills, I am always on guard and on the look out for means that either cause my anxiety to flare up or can alleviate my anxiety from occurring in the first place. Which is both an enlightening and in reference to this post an infuriating situation.

Anyone who knows me or has spent any length of time with me will know that I Love Coffee! Love It! I heard if explained by someone as a hug in a cup and I have to agree. It’s is, as Folgers touts it, The Best Way To Start Your Day. And for me it is the best way to start, continue and end your day too! As well as fun to keep you awake throughout the night too, but that was college… I digress.

So, I love coffee, so what, everyone does don’t they? And why not! It’s delicious, it’s warm, comforting, a great delivery system for caffeine, creamer, butter, salt, cinnamon, cacao, nutmeg, MCT oil, coconut oil, sugar and all the other additives that are associated with the black blood that sustains so many people throughout their day.

So why this contemplation of coffee/caffeine cessation? Recently I’ve been coming across more and more information that caffine may just be a big culprit in my anxiety. Coffee is such a huge part of my life and caffeine being a large part of the coffee I can’t see how there couldn’t a correlation. So we experiment right? How else am I to find out I’m exacerbating my anxiety by my coffee intake.

I’ll be truthful here, I’m not looking forward to this. Not getting my “Warm Hug in a cup ” every morning is going to be a different experience, but who knows, maybe it’ll be an easy transition. Based on the /decaf thread over at Reddit stopping caffeine intake doesn’t sound too pleasant. Which brings me to the next point: if it’s not so pleasant to come off of maybe I shouldn’t be doing it anyways. But what do I know, people say the same thing about cigarettes and heroin.

Check out One of the images that sent me down this rabbit hole:

Shows the physical dangers of drugs vs dependency
Thunderm Dker [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

So what now? Am I going to go through with it? Probably. I’ll give my reasoning in another post and link them below. I’ll try and keep a journal to keep you updated. Hopefully this will be another piece of this anxiety puzzle I’m piecing together.

Until then, ride the conscious ripple that is your life and I’ll see ya on the other side.